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Web Developer & Designer

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Hello! I'm a self-taught developer from Melbourne.
I have a design background and switched into software development where I found a perfect middle ground between creativity and logic. I enjoy both the problem-solving side of programming as well as being able to create unique user experiences and responsive designs. I focus in web development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as React and TypeScript. I also love the simplicity and power of Python, and have built android apps with Java, and games with Unity and C#.

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Davaly Design Website

Website project

I designed and developed a functional website for a small business, Davaly design. I went for a minimal style to suit the brand using black and white to make the site stand out, I also had fun manipulating the logo to make an SVG animation. I used HTML, CSS and JavaScript for the front-end design and implemented a database with PHP and SQL for admin users to easily be able to upload, modify and delete products to dynamically update and display in the front-end of the website.

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Tamil Learning App

App project

This is an app I developed in a small team, the client wanted a fun learning app to assist children with the Tamil language. There are four categories each with a selection of words to learn. I implemented a canvas to allow users to trace over the word and learn to write, as well as an attached sound file to hear the word being spoken.

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Shadow Fish Game

Game project

My fiancé, his little brother and I made an endless runner for a 48-hour game making challenge. We missed the one happening in Melbourne so we set out a weekend to try it ourselves and were able to develop our idea from concept to completed game. We used Unity engine with C#, all the artwork and sound effects were done by Ethan, and my fiancé and I programmed it. I was involved with the programming and worked on a lot of the key-frame animations.

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